Our Solutions

Kinops offers three contact support technologies developed for different applications, all aiming at the goal of improving comfort.

Our solutions use hyperelastic materials to ensure the best comfort with proven durability. The performance of our support surfaces is also highly dependent on the integration of their subcomponents.

NUBATM Technology

Top view 3D reconstruction of a NUBATM mattress. The hyperelastic silicone protuberances cover the HR foam hollow cubes that form a 17 zones mattress which can be tuned for balancing body segments.

The NUBATM technology was developped to minimize pressure points and shear stresses on human soft tissues and joints.  This technology was successfully applied to hospital pressure reduction mattresses and has been commercialized in Québec by Les Équipements Médicaux Leika Ltée (Brossard, Qc, Canada) for medical applications and by Au Lit (Canada) for residential usage.


Perspective view of of contact pressure map of a human subject resting on a NUBATM mattress. Mattress deformations are also illustrated. As expected from design requirements, the mattress allows for higher deformations under the scapula and the sacruum. A zero contact pressure is indicated by a dark blue area while green sections represent higher contact pressure.

The NUBATM surface consists of hollow cubes aligned in specific configurations to meet the intended application requirements.  A top layer of hyperelastic silicone protuberances covers the cubes to allow for temperature and shear stress control, thereby avoiding the “hammock” effect.   The result; 70% of the contact area is at near zero contact pressure.


Hollow cubes, compared to plain cubes, better distribute contact pressure when an object comes into contact with the mattress. The two above video clips clearly demonstrate this unique NUBATM capacity. When the object sets into the mattress, contact pressure increases in both situations (blue: minimum pressure; red: maximum pressure) but the distribution is far more uniform for the hollow cube design and the maximum pressure reached is lower, thereby reducing unwanted shear stresses on the skin and on soft tissues (notice that the red color scales is adjusted to the maximal pressure encountered for each respective situations).

NUBATM surfaces provides better temperature control when the body contacts the surface since air circulates around the silicone protuberances.


Air can easily circulates around the silicone protuberances in a NUBATM surface, thereby avoiding temperature increase that is commonly feeled when using foam surfaces.

NUBA technology is unique and can be used in mattress, cushion, and seat applications.  The flexibility and manufacturing process make this technology ideal for custom product applications.

Kinflex Technology

Traditionally, various layers of materials or springs were added to mattresses resulting in variable and unpredictable stress distribution.  Kinops has developed an innovative solution that separates each layer in the mattress into specific functions.  For example, Kinflex technology used in home mattresses allows for sleeping comfort optimization in two different positions. Kinflex technology has been used in commercial home mattresses and is marketed as Umana brand mattresses in Canada.


bioS Technology

bioS Technology was developed to combine comfort and durability. Composed of 100% silicone (in the form of silicone foam and hyperelastic silicone protuberances), this high-end technology was developed to minimize thickness of the support surface without compromising durabililty, performance or comfort. It is ideal for applications where space is critical.  BioS is commercialized by Kinops Inc in add-on seating cushions.